Fight with Faith Fashion has been in the making for quite some time. We are two daughters in Christ who are blessed to be able to share our life together as sisters. We initially started this website to support and empower faith filled woman who may be battling a fight of their own, but with the most recent brain tumor diagnosis of Jennifer's daughter our mission has more meaning than ever! So whether you are struggling in your marriage, battling depression or anxiety, fighting cancer, or even fighting for your freedoms...our Motto is to look to the One who will never forsake you. Despite living apart, we've grown closer over the years as we've experienced life's ups and downs. We are wives, moms, and best friends. We are like most people who have had to overcome many of life’s challenges. From cancer, divorce, job loss, illness, anxiety and all the in between, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. But beyond that is a drive inside of us that could only come from our Faith in God. We believe family is the most important thing and as Mothers we are constantly striving to instill the same morals and values in our own children.This life is hard enough and having a community of strong woman who love Jesus can and will make the journey easier! Fighting with Faith is how we choose to overcome the obstacles in our lives and we desire to share this with our customers. Our products are proudly printed here in the US and we also offer clothing from American made companies. We love to support USA brand names. Jennifer has a passion for health and wellness with a background in Physical Therapy. Kristen specializes in Real Estate and Photography. Together, we are lovers of FAITH, FASHION, and FREEDOM!


Our "Fight with Faith” options were inspired by Kristen’s fight with breast cancer when she was just 27. It was her motto then and still is to this day! It is our desire to offer products that not only create awareness and healing, but motivates anyone who may be fighting the same battle. We have designed our t-shirts and other apparel to be inspirational and hopefully empower those who wear it. Whether it be for yourself, a loved one or gift to a complete stranger, we desire to bring some light in what may otherwise be a dark place! Sometimes all it takes is a reminder that you aren't alone and to continue to fight your battles with Faith! From hats, t-shirts, hoodies and more it's a one stop shop for you or a loved one who may need it!



“Fighting with Faith” is not just about battling with cancer. Jennifer has met her fair share of “fights” along the way, growing stronger in her faith in the process. She has relied on her faith during the birth of her first child who was taken into the NICU to fight pneumonia before going home. She struggled with anxiety and severe panic attacks for a year, relying on God’s promises to not be anxious about anything” and lean into prayer. And it’s her current fight against an autoimmune disease that is a reminder that faith has to be BIGGER than everyday stressors. It was these battles that helped her launch a nutrition and fitness career in order to heal both her mental and physical body. We hope to provide you a place to land with our Health and wellness blog that will offer recipes, workouts, and holistic health information. 


Fighting with Faith has never been more important as it is now for Haley, Jennifer's daughter. She was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 17 years old. Her passion for life and Faith in God has inspired us all as she walks this new journey. We are so proud of her strength and resilience and can’t wait to watch her story unfold.